The Children's Cottage Way

At the Children's Cottage, we believe that learning and love should always go hand-in-hand. We're built on a foundation of two primary principles: Education and Compassion


As the step right before kindergarten and elementary school, preschool helps prepare your child for a great first year. 

To do so, we utilize the natural actions and interactions of children as "teachable moments."

Learning while doing is always the most fun!

At the Children's Cottage, we provide the personal attention you want and deserve for your child. We provide all of our children with personal development time each day while playing, creating, interacting and exploring! 


We believe compassion is vital to the pre-k learning experience. Preschool isn't just the first experience children have to structured learning, but also their first time having regular interaction with peers. In addition to building up our students in the areas of math, science, and art, we also help them begin to develop social skills with each other, communication tools, patience, generosity, and overall compassion for all people. 

At the Children's Cottage, it is our mission to provide the safe and caring environment of an extended family. We guide each child through growing socially, emotionally and intellectually. We emphasize respect for self and others in all our daily interactions.

The Children's Cottage is truly where Learning and Love Go Hand In Hand!